Princess Wilma

Princess Wilma
  1. such a sweet kid.. 🙂 very nice shot!

  2. Such a cute face. That reminds me, only 2 1/2 weeks until I get to see the granddaughter.

  3. what a charmer!!!

  4. She truly looks like a princess Frida… wonderful portrait….peter:)

  5. i say how beautiful every time i see her, but she is. she’s beginning to take on an older look.

  6. lovely and happy

  7. A wonderful portrait 🙂

  8. Oh..she’s beautiful! And growing so fast!!!

  9. Nice portrait. Looks like it is Princess weekend!

  10. What a fine portrait of this pretty girl. I like her bright smile and the natural expression. Well done, Frida!

  11. OMG. She’s gorgeous, Frida. I could just eat her up!

  12. En eloge till dig för ett mycket vackert fångat porträtt! Men det e klart att med en sån modell kan man inte misslyckas. 😉

  13. A lovely portrait.

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