1. Great detail and presentation.

  2. he stands out really well among all those greens.. 🙂 nice shot!

  3. it’s so iridescent and you’ve captured it with such clarity too

  4. WoW! Great colors. Love it!

  5. I love the small world! So cool.

  6. yikes. nice capture and details, but i hate bugs. 🙂

  7. impressive beauty, awesome macro

  8. Fascinating bug. Terrific capture!

  9. A remarkable macro image for its sheer detail and sharp focus. And, it’s a great picture of this creature in his/her habitat.

  10. This is outstanding Frida!

  11. marvelous selective focus

  12. Tiny…and a bit prehistoric! 🙂

  13. My goodness, I can see the lil tiny hairs all over it! WoW! Great macro =)

  14. That could be in a 1950s horror movie.

  15. Love the great detail and the comforting colors in the background. Cool shot!

  16. Interesting and detailed capture of this fascinating beetle.

  17. excellent shot, love that shiny black back

  18. and yet it’s still creepy:-)

  19. Sehr schöne Makroaufnahme.

  20. Excellent capture with beautiful details.

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