Princess Fanny

Princess Fanny
  1. Fabulous portrait, such a pensive look.

  2. that’s quite a look you’re receiving. love her arched eyebrows.

  3. Love “the look”. Great Princess Shot!

  4. wonderful portrait, io love the light on the hair and the sharpness of the eyes.

  5. such a sweetie 🙂

  6. Wonderful shot – I like the look in his eyes
    well done

  7. those are some really expressive eyes.. very nice shot!

  8. OH those eyes!!!

  9. She’s getting so big..and more and more beautiful each time I see her!

  10. Fabulous portrait, Frida! Princess Fanny’s eyes are so captivating.

  11. How is it possible that she’s getting better and better? 🙂

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