Uppsala – The Fyris river

Uppsala - The Fyris river
  1. The landscape is always beautiful when covered in snow 🙂

  2. Love this one! It has christmass all over it. The sunny part in the distance adds so much more.

  3. Like this scene, the light and this wonderful winter atmosphere. Good shot!

  4. complete transformation in the winter. it’s beautiful!

  5. beautiful graphic photo

  6. i love how the dusting enhanced the details of everything in this scene, very nice shot!

  7. such beautiful photography.

  8. What a stunning scene. Love this!

  9. It’s GORGEOUS, Frida. I love the touch of color!

  10. So LOVELY!!!

  11. Nice view along the river and on the snow-covered trees on the river banks. Love the warm lights that shine through the branches.

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