In winter

In winter
  1. Nice.

  2. Beautiful detail of this plant transformed with the snow,

  3. You did a great job capturing the individual bits of frost. I like the repetition of the shadow.

  4. This just says COLD COLD COLD! Great detail.

  5. oh my you really take such fantastic macros. This is utterly beautiful. And thanks for stopping by and taking time to leave a note.

  6. Very nice detail in this one. Cool how the crystals form.

  7. the detail in the crystals is fascinating. never ceases to amaze me.

  8. Wonderful composition and details : )

  9. love how those ice crystals formed.. nice shot!

  10. nice details, awesome winter work

  11. A splendid photo Frida!

  12. Great shot 🙂

  13. Lovely detail 🙂

  14. Fascinating indeed. Always great to see how nature (winter in this case) is sharing all her miracles with us. You captured one of them.

  15. Fascinating!

  16. Such exquisite detail. A stunning macro!

  17. amazing macro, beautiful

  18. Gorgeous winter macro, Frida. I feel chilly just looking at it!

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