Summer 2012

Summer 2012
  1. the grounds keeper struck a wonderful balance in the gardens with the structure. beautiful photo.

  2. Now THAT would be a holiday, Frida. 🙂

  3. I’ve been to a few blogs with posts about summer, and it’s really making me hate this winter weather today! But this is a great home…. beautiful. Looks like an area in Niagara-on-the-Lake, in Canada. Just the design and colours.

  4. beautiful, spacious house! nice capture.

  5. what a beautiful building

  6. It looks beautiful, like long and warm summer days without a worry. Perhaps a garden party in the evening? With white dresses, hats and little canapes? (I might have watched too much “Downton Abbey”)

  7. It makes me long for warmer days.

  8. Lovely to see those summer colors again! Yep, I could live there…

  9. Beautiful shot of this building with a nice feel of history. Love the appealing summer color palette.

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