Tools of trade

Tools of trade
  1. an absolutely stunning image, frida

  2. It looks as though the strands are emitting light, I love the effect against the green.

  3. i like how delicate this looks, nice shot.

  4. Fascinating hotchpotch of nylon cords. There is so much to see here…

  5. Nice abstract shot. This looks like a fiber optic lamp

  6. very cool. well done

  7. A fine title and an excellent image with appealing areas of focus and slight blur. It was pleasant to see your name again today. I just can’t seem to get around to all the bloggers we’ve known over the years.

  8. Lovely details and colors. Also like how you are aproaching this subject, the title says it all.

  9. Great. Have a nice weekend, Frida.

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