Brown, round and small….


Like marbles, do you want to play?

Ode to Marbles

I love the sound of marbles
scattered on the worn wooden floor,
like children running away in a game of hide-and-seek.
I love the sight of white marbles,
blue marbles,
green marbles, black,
new marbles, old marbles,
iridescent marbles,
with glass-ribboned swirls,
dancing round and round.
I love the feel of marbles,
cool, smooth,
rolling freely in my palm,
like smooth-sided stars
that light up the worn world.

~Max Mendelsohn, age 12.

  1. I wasn\'t thinking marbles when I first saw this… but I was struck by the lighting. Really lovely.

  2. Wow… Frida your photos are beautiful! I will definitely be keeping up with your photoblog.

  3. This is gorgeous. A new favorite for me. I love the poem too. He\'s good:-)

  4. Are these Nature\'s marbles, Frida? If so, I wonder if the faeries play with them!

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