1. Sublimt och otroligt vackert, men snarare lite grått än vitt?

  2. Somehow this piece reminds me of a music score that is playful and suspenseful at the same time. Wonderful use of negative space.

  3. No horizon, no depth, definitely a white out. Very lovely.

  4. magic light

  5. The title says it.

  6. Fantastic composition. I guess the near pond.

  7. This feels so artsy, Frida. Nobody could have planned a scene this perfect.

  8. very clever, very creative.

  9. Love this minimalistic composition. Very well done!

  10. Det här är så underbart vackert i all sin enkelhet. Fantastisk "framkallning"!

  11. Nice abstract shot! Great usage of the snow

  12. Wow great composition it is so graphic. Well done

  13. haha, sweet nothing all around around!
    Fantastically captured scene Frida – it all looks like placed, like for a theater play – top shot!

  14. wonderful shot, great composition.

  15. Really great with all that white color and the nice structures

  16. Wow, that's really wonderful Frida! Hard to tell where the sky leaves off and the snow begins.

  17. I love this shot! Very zen-like. It's a knockout!

  18. Love the way the elements all seem to be floating…

  19. great way of showing winter

  20. Nice angle. Love the hint of red.

  21. Superb shot! Love the minimalist approach here. Well done!

  22. Vilken härlig vinterbild!
    Tänk om ändå vintern kunde vara så hela tiden.

    Ha det gott, kram

  23. Such beautiful simplicity and delightful winter atmosphere! Amazingly seen and composed!

  24. Beautiful in its starkness…great shot!

  25. perfect white…:)

  26. Wow. Reduced to the simple structures. And a red dot to catch the eye.

  27. A solid snow shot. I really like the simplicity of the shot. Very effective.

  28. Oh..this is fantastic! So wonderful in the whites..with just a hint of color and detail!!!

  29. Wonderful use of the snow as a canvas for the different elements of the shot.

  30. so lovely. marvelous simplicity!!!

  31. Great photo! The snow takes away the perspective and the connection between objects here. Really wonderful and so minimal.

  32. Love the minimalistic look with the different elements popping out of the snow. Looks a bit like an art installation.

  33. Great Frida, the dark point highlighted the image

  34. I have just added you to my Google Reader, Frida, because I don't want to lose you. his image today is a reason why!

  35. Perfect minimalism – everything isolated in its own grouping.
    Bet the temperature was a perfect 0 degrees, too 😮

  36. A study of contrast in white, what an amazing scene. Lovely!

  37. This is awesome Frida! I love the white out of the snow…superb and minimal. You know…I'm so jealous of all of you that got such a snowy winter. We've had pretty much nothing but rain with the exception of a few frosty days here and there.

  38. Interestingly dreamlike as there is no way to discern where exactly you are.

  39. i love this! it should seem bleak, but it doesn't. it is crisp, pure, and oh the wind!

  40. It looks like a graphic art…CREATIVE!

  41. Great compositions of this awesome winter scene! There is a terrific tranquil atmosphere in this shot!

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