All Saints Day

All saints
All Saints’ Day – In memory of our loved ones that have passed away. In Sweden the All Saints’ Day is a floating holiday, which falls on a Saturday, during the period of October 31 to November 6. Originally the day was a solid holiday on November 1st.

  1. What a lovely image. I can imagine being there in person, the floating candles would induce some strong emotions. Really quite lovely.

  2. This is pretty charming spectacle!

  3. What a beautiful shot and a beautiful way to remember those you love.

  4. fabulous light and colour there, especially in the reflections in whatever that thing is in the middle!

  5. gorgeous work. i like the warm light as well as the atmosphere, the reflections in the vessel. very nice

  6. Lovely lights. Feels like a view of a city from overhead. Cool.

  7. In this cold weather we are having at the moment, this image really brings some warmth to my screen 🙂

  8. oerhört stämningsfullt! jag tänker på de jag har där! & inte kunde tända vårt ljus, fint att se!

  9. wow these lights are so conforting

  10. WoW! Nice moment. Very nice.

  11. fantastic very very nice

  12. Vilken otroligt vacker bild. Jättefin tolkning.
    Ha det gott.

  13. Wow, häftigt

  14. Åhh, så tjusigt! Det har varit så vackert på kyrkogårdarna några dar nu…

  15. Helt otroligt häftigt!

  16. Vacker bild!!

  17. Massor av ljus. Jättefint.

  18. Jättevacker bild! Taget runt Alla helgona kanske?

  19. Wow, en fantastisk bild!

  20. Vilken fantastisk vacker bild!

  21. Stannade upp en stund och kikade omkring och du har en fin blogg med mycket fina bilder =)

  22. Helt makalöst vackert!!!!!!!! Kan inte slita mig………=)

  23. ooooaao Vilken vacker bild.

  24. Stunning and awesome!!

  25. Otroligt vackert!!

  26. Powerful and beautiful, nice light 🙂

  27. Vilken underbar bild från alla helgonhelgen. Den halva kupolen i mitten förstärker alla ljusen. Här har någon tänkt till. /Margareta

  28. Wow … Wow. Snacka om belysning! Tjusigt.

  29. Så underbart vackert!

  30. Ord är onödiga, fantastiskt vackert!

  31. Underbarast av underbart vackert.. behövs inte mer:-)

  32. Wonderful depth in the image, superb details and really impressive lighting!

  33. Wow.

  34. Frida, breathtaking and amazing!

  35. bonsoir,
    An amazing exposure..A beautiful composition..bravo!

  36. Beautiful golden points of light! Love the reflection and memorial.

  37. I like the way the lights fade into the distance, almost like a trail. It\'s a lovely ceremony

  38. Que ne laisse t on les morts là où ils sont? Un superbe image néanmoins

  39. What a beautiful way to capture this meaningful event, Frida. I especially like the reflection!

  40. A powerful and moving image. Fabulous lights and perfect exposure to capture them so perfectly.

  41. Wow, so many candles. Really beautiful atmosphere and picture.

  42. This is a beautiful capture!

  43. wow, this is amazing

  44. A beautiful shot of this commemorate collection of candles. The overall effect is very strong. Well done.

  45. What a powerfully silent significance this has . . I think it a wonderful tradition and very touching.

  46. I admit I\'ve only heard of the holiday and didn\'t know what it was. This is remarkable and it\'s wonderful to remember our loved ones.

  47. what a beautiful way to commemorate and remember loved ones.

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