Tillinge Church, November 10th 2010

Tillinge Church

Annie Lennox is releasing a Christmas Album November 15th.

  1. Cemeteries usually look lonely places, but this one doesn't, maybe it's the spacing of the headstones and the pleasant colour of the church.

  2. Love the snow, but not looking forward to dealing with it. Great exposure.

  3. The snow is so pretty. I like how it's on the grave markers.

  4. Great perspectiveand excellent light.! I like the compo and colors.

  5. Beautiful and cold!

  6. very nice winter view !

  7. a wintry wonderland of a shot.

  8. is it snowing already? beautiful picture

  9. Beautiful winter picture and church.

  10. Beautiful, but such snow seems shocking! Our neighborhood trees are just bursting into color now.

  11. The black elements against the white snow. What a great image in such an appealing setting.

  12. Not ready for snow by any means but I really like the contrasts here.

  13. Very cool… loterally 🙂

  14. The atmosphere of peace and silence is moving! Great angle and framing!

  15. Ups, first snow. I hope the winter comes not so fast.

  16. Lovely mood and beautiful tones…great shot!

  17. superbe cette composition hivernale !

  18. that's a beautiful winter scene.. nicely captured.. 😀

  19. great atmosphere on this beautifull winterscene. Very well captured

  20. Agree with yz and others……. a peaceful setting. Well seen.

  21. marvelous photograph

  22. Winter is here!

  23. What a lovely winter scene and image. Love the whites on white.

  24. Very pretty scene. I like how the only color is the muted color of the church. That sky looks ready to dump more snow.

  25. Wonderful image . NOt only I love that compo but your treatment is really extraordinary ! Bravo !

  26. Wow, a fantastical and powerful scene. Poignantly silent. Almost as if lying in wait.

  27. So much snow! Like the peaceful mood.

  28. very special atmosphere with this first soft snow… perfect frame.. nice w/e Frida

  29. That is winter in its purest form, no snow here yet… will we get some?

  30. Snow! I am not ready for winter. That certainly is a beautiful shot.

  31. Nice one!

  32. It's a great photo. I hope it's from a previous year because we don't need snow just yet.

  33. An idyllic Winter/Christmas scene. Simply lovely.

  34. The tombstones look good in that they have the same color at the church's roof. Fine composition too.

  35. You've got to be kidding?! Snow already! Wow, it already looks like Christmas has come, beautiful photo!

  36. Gorgeous.

  37. peacefull view , and winter in on the air …;-)
    Well framed , Frida

  38. Are you kidding me, Frida! That's a lot of snow for early November. Maybe we'll have a good winter after all. 🙂

  39. lovely peaceful shot, love the graves covered with snow

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