What a waste!

  1. Seems like someone lost his, or her ride to the winter here 🙂

  2. Aj då. Ser inte så kul ut, men det är en bra bild.

  3. great shot … right place .. right time

  4. Beautiful catch, indeed a waste… thanks for your comment on my site. You\'ve got a marvellous photoblog and the Vision and Verb site is a pretty cool idea! Have a nice evening
    Urs /aka Wys

  5. a great catch

  6. That\'s great shot. But it\'s not for bicycle.

  7. Så sant, men det blev ju en väldigt bra bild.

  8. Oh, that poor bike, but what a great capture of the ice formations. Well done.

  9. Great textures and nice light Frida. The fast flowing water makes it feel even colder.

  10. Great capture. That sure is a huge waste of a bike. What jerks.

  11. Interesting ice-crystals on the bike.

  12. Ouch! What a shame. Makes a very compelling image though.

  13. Beautiful capture and quite surreal.

  14. that\'s one of those photos you can\'t take your eyes away from. beautiful, frida!

  15. Great shot!

  16. Yikes! I hope that wasn\'t the result of someone getting swept away!

  17. Wow stunning find

  18. Ouch! The winter can be so brutal.

  19. This is absolutely stunning, Frida. OMG!

  20. Looks almost crystallized – sure hope the rider got off in time ! Brilliant find, artfully captured.

  21. Great capture, I could see this image used for any number or magazines or newspapers on pieces about mans influence on climate change. A lot of meaning in this shot.

  22. A chilly ride! You\'ve captured quite a dramatic story.

  23. A striking image of something we don\'t expect to see. A fabulous image… very strong.

  24. that\'s so dramatic! i like how you found it in a secluded place like this. the motion of the water adds extra touch!

  25. Yes..what a shame. But – on the other hand – I do love the patterns and textures of ice that have collected around the tires. Very cool!!!

  26. what an image! stunning!

    hope no-one was on that bike when it went in the water!

  27. I have to say the first thing that came to my mind was \"I hope the rider is OK.\" This image truly has so much to ponder as well as so much to enjoy. The patterns of the ice are amazing. The contrast of the moving water with the frozen ice is fascinating. Wonderful capture.

  28. Waste but somehow beautiful scene. Excellent shot!

  29. Vilken fantastisk bild- både motivet och själva bilden(fotograferingen och bpresentationen).

  30. oy! how sad! but I love the ice!

  31. What a Wonderful Image!!
    The crisp, clear details in the frost and the movement of the running water, great work!!

  32. Not a waste if it was turned into art…

  33. agreed, a screaming waste. Great shot of it especially showing how the water froze.

  34. I agree. Nice motion.

  35. Wow, I agree. However, I love the detail in the ice!

  36. not a complete waste–you got a cool picture 🙂

  37. Incredible shot, really really cool

  38. spectacular

  39. Really looks like it was in good condition. The ice formations on the bike are really spectacular. Wonder if the bike is still salvageable.

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