Spring colors

Spring colors
  1. Tout simplement magnifique!

  2. What a stunning shot..just beautiful-

  3. so pretty

  4. Love it! Green and yellow are two of my favorite colors. I like the abstract feel this photo has!

  5. Very impressive macrowork. All those stripes and what a beatifull yellows. Superb! Happy MYM!

  6. Excellent, cheerful shade of yellow!
    Tink *~*~*
    Colorful birds from Orlando, Florida

  7. FANTASTIC – Georgia O\'Keeffe (one of my favorite artists) would love this too! Beautiful colors, lines and overall feel. It is simplistic, yet very complex. A+++

  8. What a gorgeous macro of this flower, which I\'m guessing is a tulip. That\'s part of the fun of a good macro! Thank you for the visit and comment yesterday!

  9. I like this close in shot of these gorgeous springtime colors. The textures are a bonus too. Nicely done.

  10. Nothing like the fresh, strong colors in Spring, heh!!

  11. You have great ability with closeups. Very impressive. With the textures and colors, one doesn\'t always know what they are looking at.

  12. Great sunny shot, beautiful colours!

  13. The contrast between the green and yellow is simply stunning great work Frida

  14. Beautiful composition here Frida. What colors! Still have piles of frozen slush on top on my flower beds, so it\'ll be a while before we see these.

  15. These yellows and green are just fantastic. A great one !

  16. gorgeous textures and colors!

  17. You have given to your work an interesting draft, with this risky macro-crop, have filled the screen of beauty.

  18. What a fabulous spring abstract, Frida! I can see this as a HUGE poster on a doctor\'s office wall.

  19. Wonderfull macro .. i can feel the spring

  20. This looks just beautiful. Smart composition.

  21. very interesting and delightful composition..

  22. Very nice color composition.

  23. original macro, I love this framing


  25. Beautiful colors and flower abstract macro.

  26. Such beautiful vibrancy wich leaps from my screen with an air of quality and professionalism that is so appealing. Beautifully observed with the shadow play.

  27. What a nice bright and cheerful image!

  28. wow, utterly beautiful, this macro turns into a colour abstract

  29. Very vibrant colors and shapes!

  30. Bold and breathtaking.

  31. WOW! Amazing colors 🙂

  32. Wordless, … just love the framing, the vibrant yellow. A masterpiece. Congrats Frieda

  33. Stunning!

  34. truly wordless

  35. Beautiful way to fill the frame. Love the vivid yellow.

  36. The colors and tones are spectacular. A magnificent macro shot.

  37. Exquisite photography, color and layout.

  38. Mmm, så vårigt och vackert.

  39. Stunning macro. Love the color and detail. So nice to see such bright colors after the long winter.

  40. wow…where are my sunglasses? fabulous colour!

  41. Fabulous, radiant colors and very good choice of cropping. Excellent!

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