Bohemian Waxwing
Bohemian Waxwing

  1. This is absolutely beautiful…

  2. How pretty!

  3. schön das man SIE so unbeschadet für die Ewigkeit einfangen kann

    hatte sie auch am Haus..
    LG vom katerchen

  4. Awesome shot
    Very great work done I like it

  5. Perfect composition and great moment
    Great work

  6. what a moment! perfect

  7. stunning.

  8. oh beautiful captured!!! the colours are beautiful and the birdie is sweet 🙂 i never manage to catch them, slippy little fellows…

  9. Beautiful bird. Great details and colours. I like the crisp sharpness on the bird.

  10. Very very nice. The perfect moment to click. Gorgeous bird, too. Love that yellow.

  11. Great timing and perfect angle for this stunning nature shot. Beautiful bird, like the tip of yellow coloring.

  12. great title, and the frost makes the apple look like a toffee apple. Nice one!

  13. What a beautiful shot! You caught this bird at the perfect moment. Bravo to you!!

  14. wow .. iced fruits .. delicios …

  15. Super cliché bravo !

  16. such a handsome bird.. nicely captured..

  17. Reminds me of that birds and cherries quote by Einstein. Absolutely superb image, Frida.

  18. Yes – he's let it ripen all winter. A Bohemian Waxwing? We've had flocks of them all over Maine this winter – somewhat unusual for us.

  19. Amazing capture! Well done!

  20. Superb capture!

  21. I see you have captured a little hungry fella here 🙂

  22. Oh Frida, this waxwing is gorgeous! This is a real "wow"-picture! I love these little guys.

  23. That is a really great image Frida!!! Love it!

  24. Amazing photograph. First of all every detail is tack sharp and functional. Besides that, I like how much dynamics this scene has. The bird is really busy; nature at best!

  25. This is such a great find, and a beautiful picture. Usually we only see the evidence of where the birds have been eating the fruit, here you captured the beauty of the moment.

  26. beautiful

  27. A beautiful bird shot with excellent detail and color. You caught the bird ready to peck… fine timing.

  28. Great shot of this hungry bird.

  29. fantastic catch!

  30. Great capture…it is the Nature!

  31. great capture, love the red berries

  32. This is fabulous Frida!!! Great colors, clarity… and the posture you've captured impeccably makes this special!

  33. Love it! Such a beautiful bird but I'm afraid he's way over his head with this large dinner 🙂

  34. Nothing I can say can do justice to this perfect image.

  35. Touching.

  36. marvelous capture. outstanding light. excellent selective focus

  37. Nice moment. Love the detail. Nice backyard photography.

  38. If I were a waxwing I'd hang out in your wonderful yard. (This takes some persistent work to capture a bird like this!)

  39. Exquisite beauty!! Looks like spring..at last!

  40. as always a wonderful and perfect sharpness, really a lovely photo

  41. Oh-Oh-Oh. This is priceless, Frida!

  42. Great moment captchured – that's a bird I know how it looks but never saw it in reality. Where did you catch it ?

  43. Well seen and captured. Love the frozen moment of expectation.

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