Red, red, red….. Japanese Barberry

red, red, red

Japanese barberry – Berberis thunbergii – Atropurpurea

  1. Gorgeous, luscious color! Beautiful capture.

  2. Beautiful color and clarity in this shot. Perfect.

  3. How beautiful. I love your WW capture, also.

  4. Amazing capture. I\'m (semi)-certain:-) John has grown a bush by this name in the past, but I don\'t recall the leaves being this color. I\'d like to have some of this.

  5. Beautiful colors… A very nice photograph. 🙂

  6. Stunning color and composition. WOW!

  7. Fantastic DOF. The array of reds in this also take on a shade of pink. It\'s so pretty.

  8. Perfect sharpness and so cool waterdroplets

  9. Hmmm, barberry – a nasty, invasive plant with thorns that photographs nicely. Great macro!

  10. Nice purple colors!

  11. great colours and DOF used in this photo

  12. Great use of the depth of field, and the colors are really vivid, well done!

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