The little house in the woods…….

Little house
  1. This photo makes me smile. 🙂

  2. Wow, remarkable building – talk about using natural resources – love your camera positioning with the grass paralleling ground and \'roof\' too!

  3. Wonderful and dreamy house .Great capture. 🙂

  4. Great capture here Frida. Looks like it would be a cozy place inside.

  5. Dreamy house with this like grass on top, beautiful textures on wood, lovely country picture

  6. Frida .. great .. nice framing and i like the perfect sharpness .. great job

  7. Great composition, colors and clarity. Very nice!

  8. A little jewel from past times….. imagine sitting inside with a cop of coffee, looking out those windows…
    Tranquil and beautiful – Nice composition with the road !

  9. is that where the Hobbits live? 😀 looks like a scene from LotR! well done!

  10. A wonderful sort of building, very eco-friendly with the turf roof

  11. Excellent clarity. This definitely has a \"You are here!\" feel.

  12. What a lovely little get away! Do you suppose they mow the roof (or just use goats)? Nice shot!

  13. Wonderful find!! Love the grass roof. Nice image!

  14. There is a place in BC, where we visit that has a roof exactly as this, and goats climb up and eat from the roof!

    A fabulous photograph, such natural weathering, beautifully observed

  15. Wow…I could tell from the thumb this was pretty, but it goes beyond that. It\'s like a never never land house. Wonderful find and such a beautiful image.

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