Bells on a string.

  1. Beautiful macro Frida. 🙂

  2. Great sharpness and shallow dof!

  3. Så ljuvlig bild, underbar skärpa och komposition (heter det så tro?!). Photoshopar du eller blir dom bara så här galet snygga av sig självt? Eller jag menar med dig bakom kameran *s* Kraam!

  4. Frida, well composed and a wonderfull lightning.

  5. This is a little to simple for my taste, there is to much empty space!

  6. A very merry Christmas Frida 🙂

  7. Nice details!

  8. Oh, how delightful, Frida. Merry Christmas to you and yours.

  9. Merry Cristmas to you and yours!

  10. Lovely shot. I like the contrast between the foreground detail and the background bokeh. Have a Merry Christmas Frida!

  11. Love the simplicity and color. Excellent dof!!! Really nice!

  12. I can remember that song playing on my Dad\'s stereo when I was a kid. Now, I have the stereo and the old albums, but I need a needle to play them and can\'t find one anywhere. Your capture is superb. Such incredible detail and warm colors.

  13. i like the little details in this flower. these bells remind me a kind of Indian handicraft earrings.
    so delicate.

  14. Fantastic comp. Seeds?:-)

  15. Really great DOF! Looks like hologram!!! Nice composition

  16. hoho…
    what a nice tiny bells…


  17. Well, they certainly appear to be bells, though they appear a bit crusty. Guess the silver\'s lost it\'s lustre. 🙂 I like the background……there\'s enough colors and shapes to create a bit of tension…..interesting study.

  18. A medida que se acerca el invierno, disfrutad con el verde del abeto y los pájaros al vuelo, con la promesa de la Navidad, la cara radiante de un niño, el calor de un fuego, la nieve que cae silenciosamente.Te deseo una maravillosa Navidad. Saludos!

  19. Beautiful – bells is the first thing I thought of when the image loaded. Love the lyrics too! Merry Christmas Frida!

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