The Workshop IV


The last picture in “The Workshop series” It seams like every workshop all over the globe have doors like this one 🙂

  1. Nice one. I like this a lot. Being from Finland the Kone-sticker poked my eye. Kinda dots the i, for me at least. If I had the money I would frame this lifesize and put it on display.

  2. Lots of character, this one.

  3. Cool… I was just reading all of the differnt labels. 🙂

  4. It certainly adds a touch of colour to proceedings…

  5. Reminds me of something my husband would do…actually he has done that.

  6. All I can this is: What is behind it.

  7. All you need is a guy to walk out the door with his pants being weighed down with tools:-)

  8. interesting capture

  9. And the same goes for many refrigerators, Frida. 😀

  10. I didn\'t think I would find product placement here on your blog 😉

  11. Good – ness! lol…you\'re right and what are they thinking?

  12. Your right! Except for one or two of those stickers, this could have been taken at the shop down the street from my house here in Maine. Neat shot.

  13. i think we are talking about someone with a great knowledge in the racing field!
    really a colorful door!

  14. It\'s not possible to overlook the door 😉 .. great colors

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