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  1. Well seen and represented. I like the vignette because it not only anchors the eye to the scene but also contrasts with the \'reverse\' vignette created by the snow surrounding the subject.

  2. Love the simplicity of this fascinating composition. Interesting ice fishing device, like the BW processing especially nice for this snow and ice image.

  3. This is really well done.

  4. Ice fishing? I\'ve never seen anything like this. I like it:-)

  5. Nice black and white work and well composed!

  6. Fantastic patterns & shapes in this.

  7. Great mood and the vignette works so well

  8. A simple but very effective shot. It does look very cold there. We have winter returning after a \"vacation\" of about a week! 🙁

  9. Nice shot Frida. Be careful on the ice! In this part of the country, we usually either pull the moorings in the winter or replace the buoy with a block of wood so the styrofoam doesn\'t get beat up by the ice.

  10. Great shot, love the simplycity

  11. wow….winter!!!
    Just amazing how cold it is in that part of the world!
    Regards from outback Carnarvon, western Austeralia

  12. quelle splendide photo de détail

  13. Love the simplicity and detail. Excellent image!

  14. I think the same of previous comment about composition but the vignettature is too much strong! Anyway it\'s good shot!

  15. Great simplicity, wonderfull black & white. Love the effects on the borders!

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