Odd Shots

Birch sap

This is??

Answer to todays question is….. We chopped down a couple of large birch trees last fall. Now that the warm spring weather came the birchsap just floats over the stump.

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  1. I certainly never would have guessed what this is. Very interesting shot

  2. abstract and real at once, it looks like the mountains … beautiful photo

  3. Visually this may not be the most intriguing image but one sign of a good image is that it generates a response and for me this one generated- \"that\'s pretty disgusting- wonder what it is?\". So on that level it definitely works.

  4. hey!!
    Nice shot, great detail!!
    keep stretching!

  5. Amazing detail and macro! I checked back on the previous entry and would have never guess this.

  6. I would never have guessed. A remarkable image

  7. this is a fantastic macro turning an ordinary object into a great abstract image
    you have a very good photographer eye

  8. Nice!!And interesting, never seen anyting like it. Do you like macro? 😉

  9. Such a unique and unusual image. Well done for spotting this!

  10. That is strange, and fascinating, and interesting. Very good.

  11. This is truly a fascinating capture. A unique and interesting shot. Great DOF and stunning clarity.

  12. What an unusual picture, like a destroyed forest with white lava 🙂 Great work!

  13. Great shot of a very strange, interesting subject.

  14. that is odd, looks like the movie set for an alien movie

  15. Incredible Frida … what\'s that?

  16. You\'ve got me! 😉

  17. what is this? great shot

  18. no idea what it is…not sure it looks too healthy though!

  19. I don\'t have a clue, but it\'s quite amazing.

  20. Hmmmm….at first I thought it was icing on burned coconut. On closer inspection, I think it might be a soapy brush used to clean a BBQ grill?

  21. I\'m at a total loss. I have no idea what this might be. Whatever – it makes for a fascinating image.

  22. Bonjour,
    Nice unusual shot..Beautiful exposure..Bravo!

  23. Fantastic composition, loved the idea and the execution.

  24. Some kind of brush covered with soap?

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