So close

So close
  1. cool portrait & mono.

  2. Great shot and the framing makes it interesting.

  3. Love this shot. Such a sweet and unassuming smile! I love how you can see each strand of hair. Great work. I have participated in the challenge here if you\'re interested.

  4. Great close up photo. An innocent and artistic photo at the same time.

  5. A wonderful portrait like her view 🙂

  6. Terrific portrait & a beautiful model.

  7. Beautiful portrait and unconventional framing

  8. Håller med varenda en här, en fantastisk bild på alla sätt och vis!

  9. Snyggt beskuret.
    Är det självporträtt?

  10. Unusual portrait, I like the idea

  11. Excellent and very creative portrait, really extraordinary work.

  12. Very creative, Frida!

  13. Very nice portrait! Love the framing!

  14. very much like the composition. good portrait.

  15. Interesting portrait and PoV.

  16. A fine close up. The one eye gives the picture added iimpact. Well done.

  17. She\'s beautiful – I hope she\'s using this portrait on her Facebook page 🙂

  18. great framing, original portrait

  19. Wonderful portrait…I like the composition with half face.

  20. Great perspective and composition!

  21. A very lovely portrait. Odd, I suppose, because we are so set in our ideas of what a portrait should be. THIS is what a portrait should be. Incividual and unique.

  22. Fabulous portrait, Frida. Makes me want to see the other half.

  23. This is so nice Frida. Nice tones and framing. This is different photo work for you. You should do more portrait work. 🙂

  24. Beautiful photo and interestin composition. Great work! 🙂

  25. I agree with everyone, excellent framing and stunning processing. Congrats Frida (Euh I\'ve got one more question, Is this a self portrait?)

  26. Excellent portrait. Love how you\'ve framed this!

  27. Excelente el encuadre, una gran retrato en blanco y negro. Saludos!

  28. love this half-face framing, very creative

  29. Wonderful crop for this portrait, nice eyes and clean skin floating over a forest background seems.

  30. This should be odd ??
    It\'s rather beautiful.

  31. I love your posting/blog name .. and this photo is extraordinary but not so very odd …lovely skin

  32. Great framing. Reminds me of when I taught elementary school and would give students symmetry drawing exercise. They\'d get half the pic and draw the other. Often just half is more compelling than the whole.

  33. This works brilliantly in my opinion. A terrific portrait

  34. Very different portrait. It\'s wonderful:-)

  35. Right in the middle of avant-garde portrait photography. I liked it a lot.

  36. Your framing is perfect, as is the chosen depth of field. Lovely portrait!

  37. Lovely portrait picture. Excellent framing and I like the touch of side lighting.

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