The Franciscan Monastery

Franciscan Monastery

This is the remains of a Franciscan monastery in Enköping. It was built in the 1250s and was demolished in 1600. Excavations were done in the 1930s and a monastic site was found. After that they covered the whole site. It is now marked with a wooden cross and stone blocks in different patterns.

  1. Such a wonderful balance here! Lovely image!

  2. Alot of History on this site.
    Wonderful exposure, it makes for an interesting photo.

  3. Nice balanced composition. Love the color..the light.

  4. Very tastefully marked so the place is recognized but not despoiled in any way. Likewise, your photography is respectful, too.

  5. Great place! I like the raming and colors, the marks seems are old! Beautiful view and image!

  6. Places that old astound me, Frida. I can\'t imagine it being demolished in 1600. Thank God for the markers!

  7. Very peaceful. The placement of the cross and the colours are beautiful.

  8. Interesting picture and very nice framing. Love the colours too.

  9. I love this shot. As Don has said your composition and framing is very good. \'So many visually interesting details too, especially the grass growing around the cobblestone walkway. Great work!

  10. Man får lite hemlängtan….fin bild! elicabeth

  11. An interesting picture of this monastery site. I like the viewpoint you chose to place the column and the cross in the frame so well. Nice job of shooting.

  12. Lovely greens.

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