Soft and Gentle

Soft and Gentle
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  1. Funny ! I think I have shot this flower few days after you 😉

  2. This is very lovely. Beautiful boken.

  3. Simply beautiful.

  4. super sharp, super soft

  5. yes it is really both soft and gentle – and beautiful

  6. This is a wonderful image! Great control of light and fascinating details.

  7. They look so sad…

  8. interesting flower, beautifully captured.
    freaky thought, but i can imagine these buds pulsing as if with a heartbeat…

  9. so delicate

  10. You\'ve captured the delicate quality here… both in form and color. Love the subtle coloring of this image.

  11. Very nice, it\'s so delicated, I like also the colors.

  12. Subtle, simple and beautiful composition

  13. Exquisite detail. Love how you captured the veins in these buds.

  14. i love the soft pastel colors!

  15. That is simply beautiful. Excellent photo

  16. Beautiful tone in tone.

  17. Beautiful photo. Love the soft tones.

  18. it does look soft 🙂 great shot!

  19. Great photo. I like the detail and the focus – the contrast between the buds and the background.

  20. amazing clarity, you can feel the delicacy of the buds.

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