Geocaching with friends at Utöhus on a small island called Arnö in lake Mälaren. It was a very warm and sunny day so a moments rest in the shadow was very welcomed. GCM0PQ – Utöhus

  1. What a fantastic old structure. I love those stones and the way the light is scattered on them.

  2. What a picturesque, almost forbidding, looking building. The shade sounds good on a hot day. Nice mood about the shot.

  3. Very nice shot with a perfect exposure.

  4. I just love old stone structures like this. Well done.

  5. The play of light and shadow lends this a strong dark mood! A wonderful composition! Well done!

  6. Nice playing with light and shadows, not too dark, all is still clear,
    not always easy…….

  7. This looks like a cool, shady place where I would like to be just now. Since here there are temperatures of 38 degree Celsius. Very nice photo.

  8. One day, Frida, one day! This is what makes the hobby so downright intriguing. I love it.

  9. Interesting architecture, plus relax in the shade. Yeah, this is a nice place.

  10. Gorgeous old building. Sounds like such an intriguing hobby!!!

  11. excellent piece of heritage, i love this kind of roof, very nice find Frida !

  12. Congrats on the find. The Google map image has an inter sting shadow. Nice greens and blues/

  13. love this vertical depth in this unusual building very nice use of space

  14. Interesting shot . Love this angle !

  15. A beautiful old house on a wonderful "snugly" place.
    Shadow in this times is more then welcome – a great Sunday for you 🙂

  16. interesting structure, very nicely handled shadows

  17. A very nice shot, impressive house.

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