Summer dreams from Wilma’s playhouse..

Wilma's Playhouse
  1. The pastel colors really suits this nicely 🙂

  2. Spectacular contrast between indoors and out.

  3. Very beautiful picture. Love the retro look.

  4. Härlig känsla av sommar för längesedan och av den speciella polaroid-looken. Ett fint foto som jag gillar!

  5. Sooo lovely!!!

  6. Sweet and romantic
    Beautiful work

  7. I am having some dreams like that of my own these days…

  8. Denna bild gillar jag! Snygga färger och fin komp! :O))

  9. lovely shot

  10. Has a nice softness.

  11. exquisite. superbly processed

  12. super, great PP toning too

  13. nice desaturated look.. 🙂

  14. I love the colors and the soft mood. Feels like it is summer.

  15. beautiful colors

  16. A beauty, this photo

  17. A lovely desaturated look.

  18. Love the pastel feel to the image – beautiful shades of color. (By the way, archives rock, but it would be nice to see the same view from the playhouse right now, with a temperature reading 🙂

  19. These are lovely! Beautiful creamy tones!

  20. An attractive still life. The lighting and mild colorcast in the image is very appealing. I like this very much.

  21. Fascinating contrast between inside and outside: coziness here and winter there. Your image radiates a wonderful magical dreamy atmosphere.

  22. So lovely and warm and inviting. Love the soft tones and colors!

  23. Love the pastel, vintage colors! A very nice composition.

  24. A beautiful and dreamy still life! Love the soft pink color toning.

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