Is it a dream….

Is it a dream

This is what we all are waiting for. Spring! Still lots of snow and cold here BUT when the sun shines and the birds sing one can feel it’s on its way.

  1. It could be a dream but it's surely a promise. A wonderful image conveying all the hope of a colorful world in spring. Very nice!

  2. Definitely a dream worth waiting for, Frida. GORGEOUS.

  3. Very pretty; I like the light through the petals. You're making me want spring to be here!

  4. This beautiful flower shot reassures me that spring is really on the way! What a nice change from the bland, grey landscape around here. Fine shot.

  5. … a very beautiful dream

  6. beautiful light and colors

  7. Wow! A blast of red! Spring is on its way.

  8. beautiful light, nicely captured.. 😀

  9. The flower looks so alive..:)
    You have wonderful shots Frida

  10. great title. gorgeous photo. fine selective focus

  11. very special photo, wonderful

  12. One of the most splendid spring shots seen so far! Inspiring and refreshing! Can't imagine a more enchanting play of colours and DOF!:-)

  13. What a beautiful image to awaken to. Thank you, Frida.

  14. Such wonderful color..and so great to be reminded of spring. It will come..won't it?!?!

  15. The glory of spring; lovely Frida

  16. love the bright colours, makes me feel happy

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