1. wow. that is truly amazing!

  2. Å vad jag önskar att jag fick se något sådant i verkligheten, isstjärnor är bland det vackraste som finns, tycker jag.

    Ha det gott, kram Maria

  3. Superb!

  4. Fascinating, this is how I would visualize a "magic wand" held by a Fairy Godmother 🙂

  5. what i great makro-shot, congrats!

  6. this is a stunning macro. a real wallhanger. congratulations!

  7. Wow, nice ice-crystal structures!

  8. Looks like the rock candy they sell at the arcade. What an amazing find! Great photo!

  9. This is darn amazing. Mother nature in one of her scientific forms. Love it!

  10. Vilken fantastisk bild. Helt underbar!

  11. Lovely natural patterns, and a very pleasant picture to look at.. Well done.

  12. Such a wonderful capture…well done!

  13. one word INCREDIBLE .. no PS manipulation? 😉

    "Hi Klaus, some sharpening for the web and some minor level adjustment."

  14. Wow, Frida, that`s brillant – fantastic details.

  15. wonderful light and very special details, great work Frida

  16. Amazing Details, it is so beautiful

  17. is this for real!? wow.. great catch..

  18. Wow! – what an amazing crystals
    Beautiful and delicate picture

  19. A fine picture of this crystal-like shot with lots of detail. Very well done.

  20. Precious shot Frida

  21. Wow this is some very beautiful crystals you have captured here.

  22. Amazing what you got here . Cannot believe that closeup/ macro could show all these tiny, pretty details .

  23. Beautiful image Frida.

  24. very good work Frida, I love the composition a lot, and the sparkle in the ice

  25. Wow! That's some cold, but splendid geometry.

  26. wow

  27. That is incredible. Don't you just love Mother Nature?

  28. Another big Woooow from my side – looks quite cold but beautiful !!!

  29. Nice find. The ice looks great and very cold.

  30. marvelous capture

  31. What an opportunistic little crystal. And what an incredible photo. Props 2U!~

  32. WOW! What an exquisitely beautiful..extraordinary macro. WOW..WOW..WOW!

  33. wordless is right! wow.

  34. amazing!

  35. Wow, that's amazing! Incredible photo and those shapes are so beautiful, fantastic job Frida!

  36. THAT is magic, Frida.

  37. Amazing capture! How beautiful!

  38. WOW!
    This is architecture, not simple ice! Splendid macro!!!!

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