Princess Wilma’s air show

Princess Wilma's air show
Princess Wilma had her own show last night at the boys graduation.

  1. Wow, she’s a fast little girl. No wonder you aren’t able to get many photographs of her ; -)

  2. Hahahaaaa… what a great action shot.

  3. Awesome action shot!

  4. Is it really possible she is that big already!!!

  5. Poor Wilma… Wow, you caught the action perfectly!

  6. she has grown so much!

  7. oh, this image is gorgeous 😉 super timing 😉

  8. Oj, jag hoppas att det gick bra.

  9. Oh..this is too much fun!! Especially with your accompanying title!

  10. woah, did she trip? i hope she didn’t hurt herself.. cool catch though.. 😀

  11. i love it. it brings out the grandpa in me

  12. lovely, hope she wasn’t hurt 🙂

  13. lovely shot, an athelete to be

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