Schools out…

School's out
School’s out for summer. School’s out forever.

The students from upper secondary school celebrated their graduation today.

  1. That`s a cool ceremony. They must happy now 🙂

  2. sure is a unique way of them to celebrate their graduation.. 🙂 nice catch..

  3. What a fun image..and wonderful capture of their graduation. Congratulations!

  4. Beautiful procession. Love the concept and great photojournalist photography!

  5. Happy Kids ! Wonderful event for shooting, Frida !

  6. we have tomorrow and then school is over here too

  7. The posters, which they carry are from parents and family. They take them to the ceremony and use them as signs of his students to find them. Baby pictures and kindergarten pictures are common. Then some of the students keep them while they are driving around in open cars.

  8. This is a wonderful shot, wonderful mood. You can feel as well as see their excitement. What a good idea that they are each carrying portraits of their younger selves. Charming image !!

  9. What a nice ceremony, here we dont have that kind

  10. Yes, it is, and I’m so glad. Congratulations to your graduates.

  11. I’m guessing they are holding pictures from Kindergarten? What a nice concept and way to celebrate how far they have come. Thanks for sharing and happy WW!

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