We took a drive with my in-laws last Sunday. This is from a Café on the highest point in Strängnäs.

  1. So pretty and idealized. I like how you don’t see a single satellite dish on any of the houses!

  2. love the pastel shades!

  3. Nice buildings – and they are so colorful.

  4. You had a great viewpoint to get this roof-high shot. I like being able to see across the houses. Very nice capture.

  5. Love the red roofs!! What a wonderful scene!

  6. You know I’m comparing this with my remembrance of Norway right now, Frida. 🙂 I do see the similarities, especially with the colors. Hope you’re doing well!

  7. Beautiful houses, and so much green everywhere. A great view from that cafe!

  8. Great light and nice color combo. Looks like a fine place to live.

  9. lovely peaceful scene

  10. Nice overview

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