Mr Toad

Mr Toad

Poetry is the art of creating imaginary gardens with real toads.

~Marianne Moore

  1. It would be even ‘cooler’ if you had a re-direct to which mushroom photograph this toad lived under!

  2. Wow! Can it jump? 😀

  3. I like how lifelike the eyes are

  4. Läcker!
    Jag har försökt fånga herr groda på bild ett par gånger men tyvärr så har jag hittills bara fått sudd som resultat.

  5. nice light

  6. So cute. I love toads!

  7. Cool and cute in the ugly way 😉

  8. aren´t they adorable?!
    sometimes I think the uglier an animal is, the most interesting it is 😉 Toads rock.

  9. looks fat and sassy:-) we’ve had one living in our garage. can’t believe the heat they can tolerate.

  10. nice!

  11. Funny 😀

  12. I can just hear him begging, “Kiss me, please. Would someone please kiss me!” 🙂

  13. Terrific details. What a handsome fella.

  14. poor mr. toad can’t climb up that wall.. 🙂 nice shot..

  15. What a sweetheart!! Love the light in this!

  16. LOL, where is my prince

  17. Ugly… In Australia they put them in the refrigerator and a day later play golf with the frozen toads…

  18. cool capture

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