A secret about a secret

A secret about a secret
A photograph is a secret about a secret. The more it tells you, the less you know.

~Diane Arbus

  1. Nice texture.

  2. Great Arbus quote. I like the ‘polished look’ of the metal, as if this unfolding duo has been touched many times.

  3. Very interesting details in this image. And a thought-provoking quote to accompany it.

  4. Cool extraction and great quote

  5. I have to agree; photo and quote are a prefect match.

  6. beautiful and nice details!

  7. The photo and quote go perfectly together.

  8. I have to think about the quote a bit Frida…

  9. I love your interpretation in this photo, perfect light and attention to details

  10. Hmmm…that is an excellent quote and the more I look at this photograph the less I know, other than that I like the texture very much!

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