Little Prince Isak

Little Prince Isak
 Those who have followed my blog for a while recognize the setting of this photo. I did a similar one with Princess Wilma two years ago. My daughter wanted a photo like that one for little prince Isak and so we did. We also added some textures and filters in the post-processing. This is the result.

  1. Sweet!

  2. Little ones have the cutest bottoms!

  3. fantastic!!! great capture

  4. Well done and congratulations !!!

  5. what a beauty…… fantastic

  6. So sweet and it reminds me of those days with my own.

  7. I’ve just spent a day putting together a book for my grandson’s first birthday, so I’m in a rare baby mode – lovely pic Frida with a very effective pose and processing.

  8. Oh, I’m in love. What a wonderful shot.


  9. super lovely!

  10. sweet and nice textures!

  11. The AWWWWW factor is once again over the top, Frida. So glad you now have a matching pair.

  12. Absolutely precious. Now – is he your first grand’son’??? Congratulations!!!

  13. that’s life ! excellent ++

  14. Great shot. So cute.

  15. I like the novel viewpoint. It was very nice that you duplicated the other shot so two will be somewhat alike.

  16. Oh, that is so sweet.

  17. Gorgeous 🙂

  18. a bit in Anne Geddes style, I like that a lot

  19. a fabulous idea. congratulations to the family.

  20. Adorable.

  21. This photograph is stirring all kind of memories in my heart. Beautiful texture 🙂

  22. This is a cute scene. Great shot, Frida!

  23. Before I say anything I wish to kiss this the cutest bum I have ever seen :))
    Kiss … kiss .. kiss …

    Gorgeous image, done so lovely and all these tones and baby’s pose 😉

  24. Absolutely adorable shot, and great processing!

  25. Underbar bild! På ett (små yttepytte bebisar) alltid lika fantastiskt underverk. Ha en go’ advents helg!

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