Mrs. Woodpecker

Mrs. Woodpecker

Image taken through my dad’s kitchen window.

  1. Around here they are so hard to capture… Beautiful birds, love their appearance and behavior.

  2. So beautiful and I think he’ll be around with that amount of food 🙂

  3. She’s adorable!

  4. this is one beautiful specimen you captured here.. great catch! 🙂

  5. Exquisite!! Especially love the strong diagonal composition.

  6. Great shot, love the details.

  7. Great shot!

  8. Great photo! I can never seem to manage to get such clarity when trying to capture birds.

  9. ah-ahhhhhh.. that’s who does all that noise !!!

  10. Väldigt förtjust i nötter, vad det verkar. Fin bild!

  11. A fantastic capture 🙂

  12. Great capture! Beautiful colors!

  13. Nicely done, is this image photographed from behind as glass window or something like that !

  14. very well captured Frida

  15. Beautiful! So colorful and crystal clear. Impressive that that’s through a window, too. Very nice!

  16. Nice detail. Love the different bird feeder angle.

  17. Excellent detail and color, I love this beautiful bird.

  18. wow, very nice shot here.

  19. Great capture!

  20. lovely little fellow

  21. Vilken modig typ. Här är de så skygga att de flyger bara vi tittar ut gnm fönstret. Snygg bild!

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