On her way…

On her way...
  1. And wil she go right or left? She is having fun I bet!

  2. the tall flag will always tell where she is 🙂

  3. Ah, the training wheels will be off soon and then…. Wonderfully poignant!

  4. An adorable image!

  5. so cute, i like the implication of her growing up and making decisions in life as seen from the fork in the road she’s going to encounter.. 🙂 nice catch!

  6. Wonderful photo with the ideal perspective. Like it!

  7. There will be no stoping her now Frida… isn’t it great to watch them grow… this is a beautiful shot of part of La Familla….peter:)

  8. Ah, the Princess is getting mobile… What a fascinating but dangerous age.
    Love your POV in this cute image.

  9. A wonderful capture…lovely light & colors!

  10. Love watching kids learning to explore.

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