First signs of spring…

First signs of spring
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  1. the only kind of bug i think is cute

  2. Ah… lovely! No signs of them here in Holland. Maybe next week? They say it will get warmer (a bit).

  3. Wonderful composition and details : )

  4. Wonderful, life-affirming photo! Yes, soon…

  5. that sure is a cute close up of this critter.. 🙂

  6. Våren är på väg, men det segar sig nåt fruktansvärt!

  7. The PERFECT capture!

  8. An excellent ”spring” post. A neat close up.

  9. Spring will come. Some day. But it will. I keep telling myself that in this cold that is surrounding us. Thank you for the reminder. That helps too 🙂

  10. lovely capture

  11. Very pretty, our first signs of spring have been covered by snow…

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