Running fast…..

Running Fast

Hot Rod Reunion 2008 Malmby, Strängnäs

Little Honda
First gear, it’s alright
Second gear, I lean right
Third gear, hang on tight
Faster…. it’s alright

~Brian Wilson and Mike Love

I’m not sure about this image. I have seen images like this and I tried to follow the bike when it drove by. I am so used to sharp images with lots of colours so this is difficult to decide. I would really like to hear your thoughts about it.

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  1. Love the motion blur and the way the wheels have just enough detail in them to make you feel like they are vibrating.

  2. I like how you panned the shot Frida. Looks good! 🙂

  3. Many thanks to John, Sherri & Ginnie for answering my insecure question about this image 🙂 It seams like I have a new territory to explore……..

  4. What it does, Frida, is give the feeling of speed, and I guess that\'s what you intended! So it works for me. 🙂

  5. When your site opened I thought of \"a need for speed\". Can\'t recall if that\'s a slogan from a commercial or a game Matthew plays:-) Love the shot. Wonderful motion blur with great colors.

  6. Like the way you captured this motorcycle with the blurring to create a very fast motion effect. Great job composing this shot.

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