Japanese Lantern – Physalis franchetii

Japanese Lantern

Looks great
Bright and beautiful
Lights up the autumn

  1. Nice shot! I lived in a small cottage for a few years when I was in college that had a Japanese Lantern bush growing next to the front porch. I\'d always pick a bunch in the fall and keep them in a vase in the living room until they eventually dried out and crumbled over the winter.

  2. Hi, Frida. A very lovely, glowing photo. You captured the sunlight perfectly! 🙂

  3. Very nice this orange fruit, the light seems is kissing it, very armonious.

  4. I love the glow!

  5. I had no idea they really looked like this. Amazing

  6. Very nice Frida. The lighting for this image is perfect. I like the color against the dark background.

  7. Beautiful light – almost looks like it is on fire!

  8. Perfectly simple…and absolutely stunning. WOW!

  9. I\'ve never seen anything like this before. It\'s gorgeous. Amazing capture…love the shadows across this beautiful orange. Matthew\'s favorite color is orange. Every time I see anything orange I think of him:-)

  10. Exquisite composition and lighting, so beautifully presented.

  11. I have flower envy:-) A perfect bloom with light & shadows adding to it\'s beauty. Stunning.

  12. A great find and perfect execution to capture the image. The colors, the comp….nice work.

  13. Like here the soft touch

  14. Excellent low-key shot makes the orange colour really stand out !

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