The Workshop I

The Workshop I

Things that can be found in the workshop.

  1. Snygg bild av verktyg. Är det dom här du är upptagen av nu? Ha det gott!

  2. Helt underbar bild igen.. du är duktig du:-)

  3. The garden tools are missing:-)

  4. That is one big drill. DeWalt – the prefered tool *G*. Very nice indeed.

  5. Pick a drill bit, any drill bit 😉 Great splash of yellow.

  6. Nice set of drills! Beautiful capture!

  7. the yellow tones are great!

  8. Unusual perspective aout tools, manual inspiration here. Regards.

  9. I would never even have seen this shoit, and walked on by, but you\'vce really brought the scene to life with great style.

    Now THOSE are some serious drill bits!

  10. I love tools. As silly as that sounds, it reminds me of all the projects I\'ve helped John with through the years. Nice capture.

  11. Excellent set of tools 🙂

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