Longing for snow!


We sit here day after day and long for winter and snow. I had a look at my older images and found this. It hasn’t been such a beautiful day this winter. I hope it will be days like this because this gloomy weather can’t be forever.

  1. Frida, I just found the color version….. interesting how the feeling of the two are so different. Not sure which one I like better as they both appealing…. I love blue hues combined with a hint of warmth in this one.

  2. Fantastic. Might also make a good BW, since it is mostly white and dark shades.

  3. I liker the benches tucked in under shrubs. Very cozy shot for a winter\'s day. And, yes – you should try this in B&W.

  4. Beautiful. Why don\'t you make a black and white version of it?

  5. Det är så vackert med snö! När det tynger ner grenar, pluffigt och orört och så rent. Inga såna syner här heller än. Kram!

  6. Absolutely beautiful Frida – I love undisturbed snow! Really like the contrast of the scene with the benches and playground equipment blanketed in winter.

  7. I hope you\'ll get what you are wishing for. It\'s not winter without a nice snowfall for me either.
    Very soft feeling in the image.

  8. A beautiful snow-laden picture! We had all that snow and now two weeks of overcast, stagnant air days which get so boring. This is a gorgeous picture.

  9. Where are the children? Beautiful snowy scene.

  10. A delightful image, Frida. So crisp, bright and utterly appealing. We still have snow to come in the UK

  11. Åh vi har vintervitt! Precis lagom mycket så där så det är snyggt utan att man behöver slita ihjäl sig med skottning. Fast misströsta inte i morrn kommer det säkert. Hos er också. Ha en go helg!

  12. The amount of snow on the tire swings really gives a nice measurement. You\'re longing for snow. I\'m counting down to February 15th when I know we\'ll be seeing signs of Spring. Today it was 64 degrees fahrenheit and sunny. Beautiful capture you dug out:-)

  13. Absolutely beautiful scene Frida. I don\'t mind cold and snow, cold and dark is what I dislike

  14. I have said this before, I just love when winter looks like this, but I haven\'t seen it yet here in Denmark! 🙁

  15. Wonderfull winter sceenery. Lovely white snow and some golden sots from the low sun in winter. Well done!

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