Uppsala Cathedral

Uppsala Cathedral

A rework of an image I published on my first photoblog. Constructive criticism is very welcome.

  1. great pp…lovely tones & mono

  2. Very interesting processing in this photo! I like the framing too. And
    those flying birds on the water surface…

  3. Wow, just looked up Uppsala Cathedral on wikipedia – what rich history. This is especially grand in B+W with the snow. Would love to be one of those people taking a winter walk along that pathway, and then duck inside the Cathedral to explore the coronation place for so many of Sweden\'s kings and queens.

  4. So much elegance & beauty.

  5. Feels cold. I wish there was more of a reflection in the water. I do like the birds.

  6. What a beautiful cathedral and river view. Very picturesque and attractive in this excellent black and white image. very well done.

  7. Mono really alows concentration on the architecture and scenery, and the tones are perfect. Such a scene of immense beauty, very well captured

  8. What a great composition and a fantastic B&W image!

  9. Nice black & white shot. It really captures the mood.

  10. Wonderful winter landscape!

  11. A cold scene, well photographed. The B&W processing is a perfect choice.

  12. Stunning! Love this with just a hint of snow..looking almost like icing sugar!

  13. this is so beautiful. a scene ageless. congrats

  14. This looks like a greeting card…even a lithograph, Frida. I love peaceful scenes like this.

  15. Great cityscape!

  16. Perfect for mono, it\'s a lovely traditional winter scene

  17. Wonderful winter cityscape! Love the b&w! Looks like a scene from a Bergman\'s movie!

  18. Great perspective & view, I can hear the geese crying …

  19. Wonderfull view, superb black & white. Well done!

  20. Bilden är dramatisk och jag får öst känsla när jag ser den.

  21. Nothing to criticize in this image. It\'s just beautiful. I love the geese/ducks landing side by side. What a view.

  22. A really crisp black and white image.. 🙂

  23. The people that walk on the road, and the birds that fly over the river make this composition very lively…I LIKE IT!

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