The Swedish Cactus :-)

  1. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful 🙂

  2. Ha – the ice crystals do look cactus-like. The contrast of the colors is nice. Warm and cold.

  3. Wow, great title! Its looks like real cactus! Great job againe! 🙂

  4. Beautiful frozen leaves and colors.

  5. What a spikey frosty picture you have taken, well done!

  6. Amazing images of the frost. WOW

  7. What an interesting plant – I wonder what species it is? Nicely shot.

  8. curious those frosty needles

  9. Oh wow, that\'s amazing! All those frosty prickles.

  10. cool details, they could almost sting !

  11. outstanding .. love it

  12. Delicate and ornate, and beautifully observed. Very well done

  13. Stunning picture with a very frosty mood, really excellent capture.

  14. wow, now that\'s something really special
    excellent image

  15. Wow..this is gorgeous, Frida. Exceptional selective focus.

  16. The lacy look of this frosted cactus makes a very attractive image. Well done.

  17. Stunning detail. The frost is terrific in this photo.

  18. WOW! beautiful photo I have never seen this before GREAT!

  19. Those frosty spikes looks so good! The swedish cactus made me laugh 😉 Excellent

  20. Superb Swedish cactus. Great colors and contrast. Very well done!

  21. Look like a mutation of some sort 😉 very frosty …

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