The Bridge III

The Bridge
  1. This is really nice. A stunning photo.

  2. Very nice Frida. Those trees give the scene a sense of scale. I imagined the bridge was bigger in the previous shots.

  3. Oh..the bridge looks so nice from this angle. A nice winter scenery

  4. This is a great frame, I love the colors here.
    The scenery is… I was left speechless 🙂
    Great frame!

  5. Beautiful, tranquil landscape shot. Love the clear details, colors and composition.

  6. I don\'t understand, I wrote a comment on this post but… Well, I talked about the excellent light and the wonerful view you catched with this angle. Regards.

  7. Beautiful winter scene

  8. I like this bridge series! Great perspective and looks wonderful surrounded by snow.

  9. Beautiful scenery! I love old bridges. I wish they could talk and tell us all they have seen. Well done!

  10. Very nice! all 3 bridge photos are wonderful.

  11. very nice colors of winter , great shot !!

  12. This is absolutely gorgeous Frida. Love the trees framing the stone bridge. A fabulous winter landscape image.

  13. A beautiful crisp winter scene!

  14. This is a truly beautiful shot and a excellent composition you can not get better than this 🙂

  15. I like seeing the broader view of this scene. So very beautiful.

  16. A glorious scene, superbly observed. What a location for a stroll

  17. i like this wider version
    very nice

  18. This is a beautiful winter scene Frida. They look like Oak trees there. Are they?

  19. Awesome scenery … excellent composition … a masterpice … well done! (did you try a b/w version ?)

  20. This may be my favorite, Frida, because of how brilliant it is. But it\'s hard to say. I love variations on a theme!

  21. a gorgeous winter scene!

  22. Beautiful scene Frida 🙂

  23. Love the composition with the trees. Gives everything a real sense of scale. Beautiful colors!!!

  24. Well captured Frida … also like the format you choose

  25. This snowy scene with the rocky bridge, a bit of stream and the great sky arranged together in a fine composition make a very attractive image. Beautiful job of shooting.

  26. Oh yes, it\'s a beautiful place!

  27. Such a beautiful capture in deed. The photo really pops its colour and the snow is incredible

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