1. The \'sea\' of white makes for a wonderful effect as does the tipping in the snow of the container.

  2. Lovely picture! I like this fine composition and the subtle colors.

  3. So sweet 🙂

  4. poor winnie looks like he\'s slowly fading away in the cold…i like this, it hasa very poignant feel.

  5. Sad…brings back memories of when Matthew was a baby. Every morning he watched Pooh\'s grand adventure movie. Again, sad, but exceptional.

  6. A whimsical image that is humorous and a fine high key shot in addition. Nicely done.

  7. what a curious composition, great work

  8. So sad. The elements in the scene merge togather wonderfully well. A really neat capture

  9. Says so much no? So simple yet perfect.

  10. This is so sad. We are all so desperately needing spring!!!

  11. Nice little composition – the faded colors of the bucket blend into the snow in a wonderful way.

  12. Wonderfull capture, you\'ve isolated the subject very well. Well done!

  13. What a nice catch 🙂 Splendid picture, the colours of the bucket and the snow work very well together.

  14. Such a bucket is usually used in the summer 😉 on the beach, but why not use it to make a snowman 😉

  15. oh, poor winnie, the colour is so faded…
    i think my daughters have the same stuff as well 🙂

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