Broken Wings…

Broken wings

The Bädaren Mill aka Säby Mill
This is the third mill on the same location. The first was built in the year of 1600, the second 1734. The one standing there now was built in the beginning of 1810.

  1. Beautiful blue sky as a background for this neat windmill – I bet this would be pretty to witness at night with a canvas of stars in the sky!

  2. Det är något alldeles speciellt med väderkvarnar, jag vet inte varför men jag älskar dom.

  3. don quijote was here…

  4. Fantastic colors, contrast and beautifully composed image.

  5. Really nice picture, great colour, sorry to see it broken.

  6. Sad to see it broken like this. The colors and detail are absolutely exquisite.

  7. Beautiful colors and details in this picture. The angle is very well chosen!

  8. Beautiful colors, so great contrast!

  9. I love windmills 🙂

  10. I like the title you chose. It\'s sad to see it in disrepair. Seems painted nice so I\'m guessing they\'ll repair the damage.

  11. Ohhhhh. This is so my kind of image, Frida. I LOVE it!

  12. Beautiful windmill on that blue sky.

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