Knap Hill Scarlet – Chaenomeles x superba

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  1. Love the lightning and the shadows in this capture

  2. A beautiful blossom with very subtle coloring. I like the fine detail in the stamen. Nice composition too.

  3. Lovely tones

  4. Men åh, vad är det här för underbar blomma?

  5. I really like what you did with the colors. It works well here.

  6. This lookes good faded, and nice captured too.

  7. Beautiful shot Frida and lovely processing. Reminds me of the old wallpaper in my grandmother\'s house.

  8. Excellent use of side lighting. Like the shadows and muted colors. Beautiful and unique flower composition, great work!

  9. the fadied color really makes the photo, great image

  10. Wow, that is amazing. What beautiful colours and contrtast.

  11. I\'m not familiar with the flower, but it\'s gorgeous. The tones in this image are elegant and tranquil and the clarity and composition is just perfect.

  12. Wonderful colors…I love these tones!

  13. Beautiful. I love the color.

  14. What flower is this?
    Nice Shot. 🙂

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