1. I like the matt texture and the shiny crome – a beautiful view on the old floodlight.

  2. Truly abstract, I have still not figured out what this is.

  3. Fantastic detail. Love the graphic composition.

  4. Simply Beautiful!

  5. It is definitely abstract and definitely Shiny, Frida. 😀

  6. i think the silver reflections are really cool in the middle of the dark scene.
    nice Abstract Monday !!!

  7. There is a sense of mystery in this one, because I can\'t really see what it is 😉

  8. My first thought was of a helmet from a fallen soldier. Don\'t ask why…

  9. A fine, provocative abstraction of this object. Nicely done.

  10. Wow…this is gorgeous! Love the light, reflections and water droplets.

  11. I don\'t konw what it is, but it\'s extremely cool

  12. Very nice! I\'m not sure what it is either but I like it.

  13. my first thought was of a chrome headlight on an old car but now i know i\'m wrong…i have no idea! i like it though!

  14. I\'ve looked at this image three times since you posted it and just now figured out what it is…I think:-)

  15. it reminds me of captain nemo\'s submarine 🙂

  16. Love the patterns and details.

  17. Now that is abstract.

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