A butterfly in my flowerbed

A butterfly in my flowerbed

We have been moving from the summer cottage to town, so I haven’t been visiting my favorites much lately. It will be better in a few days when everything is back to normal.

  1. nice composition and colors this butterfly is superb, great great work

  2. This photo is simply beautiful! The color tones are so warm and the framing is just perfect!

  3. Very nice subtle colors–soft and dreamy quality.

  4. I think a little more saturation would make this macro look even better. A butterfly should be colorful..

  5. Great details and very nice post processing.

  6. Wow, that`s superb. The butterfly has a good taste 🙂

  7. beautiful.

  8. i love the colours in here

  9. Fabulous Photo!
    I should phocus more on phinding flutter-bys. They\'re beautiful (like this one) when done well.

  10. Excellent. Very nice toning. /Peter

  11. Extraordinary soft tones and colors. Love the detail.

  12. A beautiful close up. The mild colors are so appealing. Very well done.

  13. Beautiful colours and light!

  14. I like the warm color palette in this. Very well done.

  15. lovely…you\'ve captured this so beautifully.

  16. Åh vilken fantastisk bild!

  17. Beautiful!

  18. Great capture Frida, such a beautiful butterfly, great details and wonderful lighting. Good luck with your move.

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