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  1. Poisonous… but so beautiful. It is like watching a fairytale made reality over here sometimes 🙂

  2. Superb, the green grass with the red Fly Agaric. Here in my forest I haven`t seen such fungal only a lot of others.

  3. Great colors and beautiful, crisp focus on the mushroom.

  4. Wow, that\'s a big mushroom! Nice shot!

  5. This must be an image from a fairy tale….

  6. this is a fairy tale kind of environment!
    nice orange reflections!

  7. Wonderful !
    I love the colors !
    Great capture.

  8. And yet another beautiful \'shroom:-) All of them so different and cheery. I can see how a child would be tempted to eat it.

  9. Where\'s Alice??? 😀

  10. hahaha, and here you have a giant world, ahaha.
    nice capture. congrats!

  11. Beautiful fungi!
    Expertly captured. 😀

  12. Wonderful detail and colors!

  13. I like the colors.

  14. Looks like a mushroom that you should stay away from 🙂

  15. I was expecting a snake perhaps. not a pretty little mushroom.

  16. Amazingly red! And almost without red spots. Look almost like the fake ones I make for the kid\'s with tomatoes and eggs. Great find.

  17. okay, but where are the smurfs?

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