1. elu kap o gersåg!

  2. Very well spotted and executed. Like the blue splash of color in front of the grey background.

  3. the blue pops, great abstract closeup!

  4. A really nicely composed…Love this detail 🙂

  5. That blue wheel spoil the harmony of the tones but precisely that thing makes this a very interesting picture!

  6. no idea what it is. you isolated the blue wheel so nicely!

  7. Very nice abstract. Love the tones and texture.

  8. so cool-i love blue

  9. A fine close up of a mechanical object. The blue wheel makes a good eye-catching device. Well done.

  10. great clos up … the blue is good highlight

  11. Wonderful detail. Love the abstract nature of this.

  12. Abstract indeed! I can\'t tell what is it that you captured.

  13. do we have to guess what this is? i have no idea! i like the little pop of blue though!

  14. love it, perfect

  15. A little blue wheel! Just lovely!

  16. Nice textures and industrial shot.

  17. Superbly composed and processed…love the texture!

  18. Creative composition!

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